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The Heat is well and truly back in Miami.

Sitting in first place as the NBA headed into All-Star weekend has Miami in control of its own destiny. 

Marquee guard Jimmy Butler looks to have shaken off all those niggling and annoying injuries that plagued his season in 2020/21. 

Butler has been back to his best and it is not shock that the correlation between his form has meant Miami is reaching the heights of NBA Finals season back in 2020. 

Butler (21.8 ppg), Tyler Herro (20 ppg) and Bam Adebayo (18.6 ppg) have worked well in tandem and, should the trio stay fit, the Heat can continue to do damage. 

It is amazing to think that only Kyle Lowry, Herro, Butler and Adebayo have only played a total of 69 mins together this season. 

The key for the Heat to become a genuine 

But for all the bazzaaz and flair it has in offence, defensively is where the Heat have excelled this season. 

There is scope for improvement on offence, but Miami has put together strong defensive structures to make up for that and it has meant it is only conceding 104.4 points per game, which has it ranked fifth in the NBA.  

Miami also has a distinct advantage over a lot of its rivals based purely on the chemistry and depth of its squad. 

All players know exactly what their roles are and there does not seem to be a too many weak points when this squad is fit. 

Lowry bring a level of professionalism and stability, he is a consummate point guard who defends strongly.

He and Butler do not need to score a lot to impact the game and, whether they’re scoring or not, their defense does not drop off.

Lowry is the type of player who can get 10 rebounds in a night; aside from Russell Westbrook, there is no point-guard in the league who can be relied upon to deliver those numbers. 

If he keeps us this form alongside his team mates, the Heat can sow up the Eastern Conference and make their second NBA Final Series since 2020. 

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